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What can we do for international businesses?


​All your financial, tax and entrepreneurial matters are perfectly arranged. This provides a relationship with us for our clients and you. We understand the challenges of entrepreneurship, enter into discussions and come up with fresh ideas. By operating as a team , we together achieve the best growth and the results for  you.

We support you as entrepreneur to be even more successful.

We enjoy our work, value our relationship and each other. This guarantees a pleasant and professional collaboration. Our strength? Our versatility, knowledgeability, commitment and reliability combined with our direct and clear approach. This provides added value for our relationship and makes us a valuable sparring partner for you.

Our contact persons are:

Mr. drs J.A. (Jan) Rijken RA, as an advising accountant. Jan has extensive experience with both SMEs, associations and foundations and he characterizes himself as an accountant with a high degree of involvement in his relationships and delivering added value. In addition to his work at VDGC, Jan is also active as a ,member of the NBA committee (The Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants) for SMEs and as a reviewer on behalf of the NBA Supervisory Board.

Mr. J.M. (Dennis) Schoemaker LL.M, as tax advisor. Dennis has experience with international tax matters such reorganizations, transfer pricing, DAC6 reporting, Master and Local file and CBCR obligations and rulings. Dennis is known for his direct, clear approach and commitment to achieve the best suitable result for your tax situation.

Check the correct VAT number

Entrepreneurs in the Netherlands nowadays always receive two numbers concerning VAT from the tax authorities: a sales tax number and a VAT identification number (VAT ID). Make sure that you always use the correct number when contacting and checking your customers, because in practice this regularly turns out to go wrong.

Derde jaar op rij winstdaling voor groot deel kleiner mkb

Voor het derde jaar op rij heeft een groot deel van het kleinere mkb de winst zien afnemen. “Dit zijn cijfers die de kwetsbaarheid van deze zogeheten microbedrijven tonen”, aldus Pieter van der Kwaak, bestuurslid van SRA. “Het gaat hier om 83% van alle bedrijven in ons land. Zij dragen voor een groot deel bij aan onze welvaart en innovatiekracht.”

Voorjaarsnota 2024: extra uitgaven en dekkingen

Na een verzoek om de voorjaarsbesluitvorming van de informateurs heeft het demissionaire kabinet besloten de Voorjaarsnota 2024 op maandag 15 april 2024 – eerder dan gepland – aan te bieden aan de Tweede en Eerste Kamer.

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